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    "Next floor is THE gamechanger for tourism start ups."

    "This was the perfect program to get us up-to-speed in the tourism industry.
    All the while meeting exciting and helpful people to get us moving in the right direction."

    "Great networking opportunities and very useful feedback from experienced mentors!"

    „Great advice for all situations of a startup. Even though we already closed an investment round right before the accelerator,
    getting individual sessions with experts helped us identify huge potentials.“

    "A finance crash course from a former fighter pilot. Yes, that's how awesome the mentors are!"

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What is the Next Floor Accelerator for Tourism?

Accelerator Program

Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed

Think Tank

Share your problem, we find the solution for you

Corporate Innovation

You need innovation in you business?
You want to stay ahead of your competition?

Scientific support

You collect data at an ever increasing rate,
but don't know what to do with it?


From seed to later stage funding




New tourism concept


Medical tourism


Globalisation of assisted living
and elderly care


Innovative staffing concepts




Strategies for dealing with
the limits of growth

Gridlock, effects from overwhelming and
overcrowding by tourism







Deep Tech

AI, Bots, Analytics and Algorithms


Our mentors

Andy Gstoll

AR / XR / MR / VR - Advisor
Founder of Mixed Reality I/O

Dr. Bernhard G. Förg, BA MA MBA.

Founder BGF Group / Strategy Consulting
Dr. Förg e.U. - with the agencies: "The Business Designer", "The PopUp Guru"

Garan Goodmann

Managing Director of the newly founded METRO Target Retail Accelerator, Accelerator for Tourism Salzburg, TACC, Tribe, METRO AG

FH-Prof. Dr. Mario Jooss

Head of tourism research , university of applied science salzburg Senior Researcher & Senior LecturerO

Dominik Mayer

Nikolaus Munaretto

Curator of the MU Startup Hub, accelerator focused on tourism, hospitality and food and beverage startups CEO & Co-Founder Soulgrape

Andreas Safar, Executive MBA

Deutsche Bahn Expert in strategy, finance/CO, HR,
and organizational development

Thomas Blaschke

University professor and vice-president of the Society for Geoinformatics, GeoIT & Navigation Salzburg, Co-founder of the first spin-off company of the University of Salzburg

Thomas Meneder

invest Holding GmbH / bm auctor Holding GmbH, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences

Wolfgang Schwarzhaupt

Keeping shares in 4 startups up to now

Gregor Matjan

head of Digital Media and Online Marketing at SalzburgerLand Tourismus

Mag Wolfgang Katzer

Stiegl GmbH Head of purchase department beverages

Jan Alexander Jedlinski

co-founder and CEO of
Gustav Technologies Inc (Gustav)

Ralf Wischmann

Founder | Aviation Travel and Mobility Expert
StartUp Mentor and Connector

Harald Hafner

Harald Hafner – hotmama (hospitality & tourism marketing management) Trainee

Dr. Peter Agel

part of the Oracle Hospitality Strategy Group Since 2013 Peter is VP Technology & Think Tank with Travel Industry Club.

Rüdiger Wassibauer

Artistic Director Schmiede Hallein
and subnet

Joe Aschl

Founder of Aschl Systems | Director of Environmental Division of Swietelsky Germany | Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alumnus

Toni Santner

Executive Director P8 Marketing

Michael Mrazek

Business owner
Net Communication Management

Toni Weiss

Director, Screenwriter & Producer
at STORY INC. film production

Reinhard Lanner

Strategist, workers on the field

Olav Carlsen

Silicon Valley Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur,
Startup Chile

Erich Falkensteiner

Chairman FMTG Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group | Owner & Chairman Falkensteiner Ventures

Peter Arp

Director, journalist, coach

Daniel Donhauser

GF Maikai Fitness

Philipp Semmer

Partner Motu Ventures

Michael Reinartz

Director Innovation & Consumer Services @ Vodafone Deutschland

Christian Dreyer

Dreyer Ventures & Management GmbH/Owner
und GF, Investor

Petra Stolba

Österreich Werbung, GF

Thomas Andreasch

Executive director & producer at Factory GmbH

Stevica Kuharski

Startup guy. Entrepreneur. Investor.

Patricia von Papstein

Business Lady; Clinical & Organizational Psychologist; Technology and Arts Lover.

Dominic Regester

Program Director Global Seminar

Prof Martin Barth

CEO, World Tourism Forum Lucerne


What startups gain from participating in the Next Floor Accelerator for Tourism

boost for your startup


access to the relevant business network


access to financing


contact to possible Exit-Partners


access to know how through mentors


access to business intelligence


legal and financial advisors
at your service





Managing director


Managing director